CNC FR4 & G10 Material Machining and Fabrication

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What Is G10 Material? FR-4 glass epoxy composite laminate G10 material, commonly referred to as Micarta*, garolite or Bakelite*, is a thermoset fiberglass composite manufactured from glass filament cloth with a di-functional or tri-functional epoxy binder. It is often used in applications that require dimensional stability, electrical insulating properties, and moisture resistance. It is used across a wide range of electrical and mechanical applications.

PEEK Plastic | PEEK Machining Services, Molding, & Properties

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What Is PEEK Plastic? PEEK plastic, also known as polyetheretherketone, is ideal for components used in harsh environments that require excellent chemical resistance over a wide range of temperatures. PEEK is engineered resin designed to perform well applications that require and hydrolysis resistance while maintaining stiffness with PEEK temperature limits up to 170°C / 338°F.

Still using G-10? Find Out Why FR-4 is Replacing G-10

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What Are G-10 and FR-4? Glass woven fabrics bound by epoxy resins have proven to be the most versatile all-around laminate grades. Of these glass-reinforced epoxies, G-10 and FR-4 have stood above the rest. G-10 and FR-4 are grades of laminates designated by NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) and are typically yellowish to light

How The Right Polycarbonate Sheet Guarantees Security.

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When to Use Polycarbonate Sheet | Lexan®| Acrylic | Plexiglass® | for Machining and Fabrication Polycarbonate sheets (Lexan) or acrylic (Plexiglass®) can have a wide range of applications in both industrial and residential applications. This article is a guide to when to choose one over the other for a specific application at use.

4 Reasons Why Engineers Trust Delrin

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What is Delrin? Choosing a material that meets the standards of your part or assembly is often difficult when managing a budget. There are plenty of factors that need to be considered when choosing between materials and even vendors. One can select a cheaper material that meets all the physical requirements that have been

Custom Plastics Manufacturing

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Custom plastics manufacturing is our core service. We can take your concept or design and quickly turn it into a working plastic product. Whether you are looking for custom plastic molding, plastic machining, die-cutting or stamping, we are the right custom plastics company to produce your parts.

Plastic Injection Molding Companies in Ohio

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If you are searching for custom plastic injection molding companies in Ohio, Jaco is your one-stop-shop for plastic parts. We can provide high quality, complex injection molded plastic products that meet your all your requirements including cost, quality, quantity (prototypes and short-runs) and fast turnaround.

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