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Film Fiber Materials

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Nomex® Material

Nomex® is a polyimide fiber that is resistant to heat, flame, and chemicals. Other characteristics include mechanical toughness, thermal stability, chemical compatibility, and moisture insensitivity. Nomex® is an ideal electrical insulator.

Kapton® Polyamide

Kapton® Polyamide film is an insulated conductor that provides high electrical, physical and mechanical performance. Technically, Kapton® is a condensation product of an aromatic diamine and an aromatic tetra basic acid. Unique properties include its ability to self-extinguish; it has no melting point and it is infusible. Kapton® meets the demand for high temperature insulation suitable for the most demanding duties.

Polyester Film

Mylar® polyester film provides an amazing range of performance capabilities for use in many industries including electrical, electronics and specialty industries. Mylar® polyester film is available in a variety of thickness, width, coated or coated sheets or coils.

Vulcanized Fiber

Vulcanized Fiber is cellulose paperboard insulation. Properties include resilience, impact strength and electrical insulation. Applications include circuit breaker baffles, wear plates and arc chutes. Vulcanized Fiber is available in multiple thickness and has U.L. heat resistance recognition (continuous) of 239 degrees Fahrenheit for electrical applications.

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