Thermal Insulation

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thermal insulation

Mold Based & Platen Thermal Insulation

Mold platen insulation and perimeter insulation from Jaco Products is a high-strength, low thermal conducting composite insulating material. This insulation protects the mold or dies and the platen from outside heat transfer. Normally found on machines used in injection molding, compression molding, thermoforming, and rubber molding. This insulation is ideal for reducing heat loss and allowing for faster mold setup, which leads to cost savings and increases the service life of machinery.

There are several important properties to consider when selecting an insulation material for your application that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Temperature
  • Compression Strength
  • Thickness Tolerance

MPI (Mold Platen Insulation) Material Data Sheet

Typically the most important characteristic is the thermal conductivity of the material. The lower the thermal conductivity of the material, the less heat transfer between the mold and the platen. This property leads to faster start-up times and cost reduction through energy savings. Temperature, or maximum service temperature, is when the material can operate without losing or degrading the properties required to sustain its function.

A tight thickness tolerance or flatness of the material helps keep the temperature of the mold uniform. Tight tolerance parts have the advantage of better mold temperature control. Significant variation in this tolerance can lead to improper mold temperature and ultimately product failure.

Jaco Products can custom fabricate MPI material to the exact specifications and drawings of your mold platen requirements. Our tested material is superior to our competitors in these properties at a more cost-effective price. Contact us today to learn more about mold platen insulation (MPI) and our state-of-the-art fabrication services.

Why Choose Jaco for your Thermal Insulation Needs?

With over 70 years of experience manufacturing platen insulation, we will make custom insulation that meets your mold’s specifications.

17 Thermal Insulation Material Choices

356ºF – 2300ºF Operating Temps

Perimeter Thermal Barrier Insulation

Glastherm® HT SG-200 Polyester
Micarta®– Silicone Pyropel® MD-18
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