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We sell sheet stock or cut-to-size and CNC machined to your specifications.

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Pyropel® MD-60 Thermal Insulation Plate

Pyropel® MD-60 is an ideal platen or mold thermal insulation plate. It reduces energy consumption & improves processing variables for rubber and thermoset molding.

Pyropel® MD-60 – 550°F/287ºC

A rigid polyimide fiberboard. A patented manufacturing process creates sintered fiber bundles which give Pyropel® it’s rigidity, compressive strength, and dimensional stability. Designed to be used for temperatures up to 550°F/287ºC.

Pyropel® MD-60 Stock Sizes

Thickness Standard Tolerance Standard Sheet
.250″ ±10% 24″ x 24″
24″ x 36″
**Contact customer service 440-632-5800
for additional Glastherm sizes/specifications.
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