fixture board materials

We sell sheet stock or cut-to-size and CNC machined to your specifications.

fixture board materials

Fixture Board Materials for CNC Plastic

As a part of our environmental sustainability efforts, Jaco uses recycled fixture board material as a fixture for CNC plastic machining and various other fixturing requirements. Our recycled material is made of a solid paper base and a resin binder. It is considered a high-pressure structural laminate with a hardness of 90 rockwell, M-Scale, a flexural strength of 25,000 PSI.

Jaco fixture board material can be milled, drilled, reamed, and tapped in any configuration for enhanced fixturing for CNC plastic machining and many other application needs. It is available in 1.00″ thick sheets. Jaco also has in-house capabilities to provide a finished thickness tolerance of +/-.002″.

Fixture Board Manufacturer

fixture board manufacturer
Our Fixture Board Material is an Ideal, Low-Cost Solution.
fixture board machining
Example of Fixturing for Machining or Routering
fixture manufacturer
Example of CNC Fixturing

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