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Thermal Mold Insulation Board

Experience Jaco Products and find your number one choice for high-performance press platen insulation, mold insulation, and thermal insulation board/insulation sheet. Thermal board insulation provides thermal resistance by reducing heat conduction through structural elements.

We provide a variety of options when it comes to comparing choices between low thermal conductivity, cost, thickness tolerance and compression strength and your desired processing temperature.

Controlling the transfer of heat to the production press with high-performance thermal insulation will reduce your energy consumption and improve your processing variables.

When you choose Jaco, you have choices in the thermal insulation board available for platen insulation. Put your trust in a company with expertise in complex plastic parts and processes.

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What is Thermal Board / Platen Insulation?

Thermal Board, or Mold Platen Insulation, is a composite insulating material with high compressive strength and a high degree of heat resistance. The insulation acts as a barrier between the mold or die and the platen, preventing heat from transferring.

Mold Base & Platen Thermal Barrier Insulation Materials

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thermal mold brands: Glastherm, Pyropel, & Thermalate

Thermal Insulation Sheet | Plastic Processing

Manufacturers around the world use thermal barrier insulation to ensure safe practices and heat transfer during projects. Here at Jaco Products, our thermal insulation sheet products are reliable in providing thermal resistance by reducing heat conduction via structural elements.

The needs for a high performance insulation board will vary depending on application. That’s why Jaco offers a range of insulation plate options that include low thermal conductivity, varying thickness tolerance, and compression strength tailored to your application.

As top thermal insulation material suppliers, Jaco gives manufacturers the tools they need for success in protecting mold or dies. The thermal insulation sheet protects the mold or dies and the platen from outside heat transfer because it is a high-strength, low thermal conducting composite material. This thermal barrier insulation is commonly found on machines that are used in injection molding, compression molding, rubber molding, and thermoforming. The thermal insulation sheet is perfect for reducing heat loss and allows manufacturers to have a faster mold setup. The result is cost savings and increased longevity of machinery.

Selecting the Best Mold Insulation Board

There are dozens of factors to consider when choosing a high performance insulation board for your application. A few properties to keep in mind include:

  • Thickness Tolerance: Note the desired thickness of the thermal insulation sheet. Jaco Products can customize insulation plate material to fit your application. A tight thickness tolerance of the material keeps the temperature of the mold more uniform.
  • Temperature: Note the temperature of your application and what level of resistance the thermal insulation board will need. Thermal insulating plastics can vary in temperature resistance.
  • Thermal Conductivity: Thermal conductivity is the degree to which a material conducts electricity. This is calculated as the ratio of current material density to the electric field that causes current flow. This is critical to keep in mind when looking for the right heat resistant insulation board.

Where Else is Thermal Insulation Applicable?

In addition to plastic processing, thermal barrier insulation is extremely prevalent in other applications. That’s because a thermal insulation sheet has the unique ability to prevent and/or reduce heat loss. In places that need to be fire-resistant or protected from electrical problems, insulation plate material is needed.

For example, a ​​high temperature thermal insulation sheet can be used in external wall insulation. External wall insulation includes cladding or insulation systems that exist outside of walls in a home or building. Studies show that around 35% of heat loss occurs through walls, which can inflate heating costs. In order to reduce these costs and keep a space warmer, a high performance insulation board is recommended.

Thermal barrier insulation exists in applications everywhere, from homes to automotive industries, to plastic and material processing. For the best thermal insulation material suppliers, Jaco Products is the leading choice.

Why Choose Jaco as Thermal Insulation Material Suppliers?

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As experts in manufacturing platen insulation and thermal insulating plastics, Jaco Products is the leading choice among thermal insulation material suppliers. Our experts can custom fabricate MPI material to meet exact specifications of mold platen requirements. We have decades of experience supplying industries with thermal barrier insulation that keeps machinery and employees safe and simplifies processes.

In addition to our thermal insulation sheet expertise, we also offer a full range of thermoplastic molding and machining services. Our range of material expertise includes:

  • ABS
  • Acetal Copolymer
  • Acrylic
  • Cast Nylon
  • DelrinⓇ
  • Delrin Glass FilledⓇ
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • LexanⓇ
  • Nylon 6/6/,6, 6/12
  • Polyethylene
  • Polysulfone
  • PTFE
  • PVC
  • TeflonⓇ
  • UDEL
  • UltemⓇ

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Thermal Insulation FAQs

Thermal board or platen insulation refers to a material or structure used to provide thermal insulation or heat resistance in various industrial and manufacturing processes. It is commonly used in applications where heat needs to be controlled, maintained, or reduced, such as in the manufacturing of plastics, composites, and other materials, as well as in applications like heat presses, molds, and industrial ovens.
Yes. Thermal insulation sheets are reliable and consistent when used for their intended applications.