What is Plastic Fabrication?

We injection mold, CNC machine, and stamp simple to complex plastic parts.

what is plastic fabrication

Plastic Fabrication Companies

If you are looking for the best way to create your plastic products, you may be asking yourself “What is plastic fabrication?” How does this apply in modern society and what are its benefits? Plastic fabrication involves the design, manufacturing, and assembly of plastic components with many different methods and techniques. In fact, these methods have been in high demand for decades, and this demand continues to increase.

The many processes of plastic fabrication can produce almost anything you can imagine. Plastic materials are used to create thousands of products, which many people use in their daily lives. Furthermore, companies in nearly every industry require the use of plastic products for various applications.

what is plastic fabrication productAs a leader in plastic fabrication, Jaco Products has developed products for applications including packaging, electronics, medical components, machinery, and vehicles. We have immense experience in the production of exceptional plastic components as well as the acquisition and distribution of raw materials. In fact, we have spent over 60 years building our reputation as a leader in plastic manufacturing.

Jaco’s plastic manufacturing experts can help you will all areas of plastic prototyping. We can help you overcome design and engineering challenges, discovering better solutions to fulfill your needs. As a proven plastic manufacturing company, we understand the intricacies of developing high-quality plastic products. So, you can rely on us to provide the parts you need regardless of the application.

What Is Plastic Fabrication vs. Machining

There are two central categories for the manufacturing of plastic parts: fabrication and machining.

Plastic Fabrication processes include cutting, polishing, bending, laser cutting & welding, all of which are performed in house to create components.
Machining processes include CNC machining, milling, turning, and routing to precision tolerances.
Jaco Products is capable of handling a wide range of processes and techniques based on the design, type of plastic, and requested volume.

Our Plastic Fabrication Services

Jaco Products is a full-service plastic manufacturing company, offering a diverse selection of plastic fabrication services. We have an in-house engineering team comprised of industry experts, so we can handle even the toughest projects. Furthermore, we can help you find the best type of fabrication for your components, and ensure the final product meets all your specifications.

Our services include Thermoplastic Injection Molding, Prototype Molding, Engraving, CNC Machining, Post Mold Molding, Secondary Operations, Hardware Insertion, Hot Stamping, Silk Screening, and Screen Printing, Assembly, Ultrasonic Welding, Plastic Welding, and Injection Molding Tooling.

CNC Plastic Machining

CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control Machining. This is a common method in the plastic fabrication industry. It can complete a wide range of manufacturing tasks, all of which are executed by computerized devices. Jaco Products has comprehensive knowledge of thermoset and thermoplastic materials as well as machining processes such as 5-axis machining, routing, milling, and turning with precision tolerances of .0001″.

Furthermore, we are constantly investing in the advancement of state-of-the-art machining equipment. As a result, we can more effectively handle high-tolerance requirements as well as projects ranging from very small to very large volumes. We also offer competitive pricing for all projects.

Plastic Injection Molding

Injection molding is another common process for plastic fabrication. This method involves the shape-forming of melted plastic by forcing it into a mold cavity and squeezing it with immense pressure. Once the plastic has finished cooling, we remove the product from the cavity and start the process from the beginning.

Injection molding is most often applied in the production of solid objects. Jaco Products offers custom injection molding services for thermoplastic materials up to 29 ounces.

Mold & Platen Insulation

Mold & Platen insulation is also a Jaco Products specialty. These materials help control the transfer of heat to the production press. As a result, you can reduce overall energy consumption and improve processing variables.

Our staff can provide high-quality press platen insulation, mold insulation, and thermal insulation board and sheets. We also offer our mold in platen insulation in 17 different materials!

Stamping & Die Cutting

Stamping is an efficient plastic manufacturing process that can reduce material costs while improving production rates and dimensional consistency for custom plastic components. Jaco Products is a leading provider of stamping and die-cutting services to the electrical insulation industry. So, we have the necessary experience for producing the most complex parts with the strictest tolerances and specifications.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Plastic Fabrication Companies?

When facing even the most challenging projects, Jaco Products refuses to say, “It cannot be done.” Many of our clients have been turned away by our competitors due to uniquely difficult project requirements. Here at Jaco, however, we will do everything we can to find the most effective solution for your project. Even in cases where the application cannot be molded with the existing design, material, or close tolerance specifications, we will get the job done.

Our expertise, skillsets, and innovative techniques set us apart from other plastic fabrication companies. Jaco offers unparalleled experience in the production of plastic parts, and our team is always ready to discuss the design and material requirements for your project.

Considering all the services we offer and our access to high-quality materials, Jaco Products is a definitive leader in the plastic fabrication industry. Unlike our industry competitors, we can complete challenging projects with ease while offering competitive pricing. Our innovative approach to plastic fabrication also allows us to develop entirely unique solutions for any application. So, you can trust Jaco to create the parts you need.

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