What is PEEK Plastic?

To form products out of PEEK plastic, we use various machining processes. The top US source for complex, precision PEEK plastic machining.

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PEEK Plastic | Application and Properties

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PEEK plastic is also known as polyetheretherketone, and it is a high-performance semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastic. PEEK plastic is favored due to its low moisture intake, chemical resistance, and strength across temperature ranges. Due to the crystal nature of PEEK, it’s easier to use for PEEK CNC machining, as it can withstand stress and pressure due to its dimensional stability.

Jaco Products offers plastic processing services that work with PEEK specifications. Our experts can help understand your application and design machining methods that get you the desired results.

In order to work with PEEK machining and understand this material’s specifications, it’s important to be able to answer the question: What is PEEK plastic? And how does it compare to similar materials?

PEEK Plastic versus PEK

It’s easy to confuse PEEK with PEK. PEK (polyetherketone) is a ketone-based thermoplastic used for high-performance engineering. Like PEEK, PEK is also used in demanding applications due to its excellent mechanical properties. However, PEK is better at maintaining its qualities across temperatures. As the heat rises PEK retains its strength, and for that reason it is used in vibrational loading conditions where components need to undergo high loads at high temperatures. Gears, shafts, and bushes are made from PEK.

When compared to PEEK specifications, PEK has a higher heat distortion temperature and melting point. However, PEEK plastic is more flexible than PEK which is why it is used in different applications. You will find PEEK machining is used to make instrument parts, bushings and bearings, seals, and more.

What is PEEK Plastic? | Understand Common Properties

In order to understand “What is PEEK Plastic?” it is important to understand its most important properties. This will help you make the right decision as to when and how to use PEEK in your application.

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Chemical and hydrolysis resistance: PEEK plastic is resistant to many harsh chemicals, which means it can undergo difficult applications without bending or decaying. PEEK plastic also has high hydrolysis resistance, which is essentially the material’s reaction to water. Materials with low hydrolysis resistance break or dissolve easily when exposed to water.

Stress and creep resistant: PEEK plastic is resistant to various types of stress making it ideal in industries like aerospace and oil and gas. It is also creep resistant, which refers to a material’s resistance to slowly deforming over repeated exposure to stress. Unlike other plastics, PEEK will maintain its durable form after undergoing stress.

Lightweight and inert: PEEK plastic is lightweight which makes PEEK CNC machining a more seamless process. This material is also chemically inert, which refers to a lack of chemical reactions. When exposed to different elements and materials, PEEK will remain constant and non-reactive.

Processing PEEK Plastic | PEEK CNC Machining

In order to form products out of PEEK plastic, different machining processes need to be enacted. PEEK CNC machining is a common method for forming plastic parts that are crafted to exact specifications.

CNC Machining stands for “computer numerical control” machines like mills and lathes. These machines are guided by a computer that feeds them specific instructions to shape, bend, turn, and form the plastic material. Think of PEEK CNC machining as a chain reaction. An engineer writes the directions and feeds those to the computer, the computer reads the information, and then the computer directs the machinery with complete accuracy.

CNC machining is used with all types of materials, not just PEEK plastic. You’ll find CNC machining also works with metals, wood, and more. When it comes to PEEK machining, this process forms components like bearings, electrical components, filters, and more.

Plastic Machining Services

Jaco Products is a leader in the 5-axis CNC machining plastic production components. We’re a plastic machine shop that works with a wide range of thermoplastics and thermosets. The top requested materials for plastic machining include:

Plastic Injection Molding Services

Jaco provides custom plastic injection molding service to companies across the US from simple to complex parts in a wide range of thermoplastics and engineered materials.

Acetal; Celcom, Delrin injection molding Nylon 6/6; Zytel injection molding
Nylon 6/6, glass filled LGF nylon injection molding Polypropylene; Maxxam, Profax
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Polycarbonate;Lexan, Makrolon
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Polycarbonate/ABS Alloy
Polyetherimide; Ultem injection molding Polyetherimide, fiber reinforced; Utem
Polybutylene Terephthalate; Valox, Crastin Polystyrene; Styron
Thermoplastic Elastomer; Isoplast, Santoprene Acrylic; Plexiglass, Acrylite

Plastic Stamping/Die Cutting Services

Jaco has a long history in plastic stamping and the steel rule die-cutting of electrical insulation components.

Mold & Platen Insulation

We offer a comprehensive selection of thermal and cryogenic insulation press/platen insulation and perimeter insulation materials, 356ºF – 2300ºF operating temps:

Glastherm Thermalate
Brandenburger® S-4000 Pyropel
Glass Reinforced Laminate Mica
Glastherm Zicar

Plastic Distribution Services

We distribute sheet, machined to spec or cut to size a full range of thermoset, thermoplastic, fixture board, and film/fiber.

About Jaco Products | PEEK Machining

If you are searching for experts in PEEK machining, look to Jaco Products. For more than 50 years we have served industries with plastic injection molding, plastic machining, and plastic stamping. Our portfolio includes intricate parts that other plastic manufacturers won’t even quote.

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We are experts in PEEK machining and we understand how to use this material to benefit our customers. We’ve invested in modern equipment to elevate our services and provide top-of-the-line products to industries around the world.

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