Custom Die Cut Products

Great pricing and fast turnaround on plastic production and insulation components.

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Custom Die Cutting for All Your Needs

Jaco offers a full range of custom, performance-driven die-cut plastic components. We offer steel rule die stamping capacity to 25 tons, which is ideal for thin-gauge insulation materials, plastics and other non-metallic materials in small lots. Steel rule die cutting has a lower initial tooling charge than stamping.

We can meet your most critical minimum tolerance die cutting requirements through our cost-efficient production process using modern precision flat bed press. We offer a wide array of materials in gauges that can undergo the die-cutting process; our technical staff can discuss application of your plastic die-cutting project with you in order to determine a superior design, thus providing quality parts that perform, all at a competitive price.

Precision Die Cutting Services include:

  • Electrical Insulator Components
  • Thin-gauge Plastic or Laminate Gaskets
  • Low-volume Plastic Production Components
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Custom Die Cut Electrical Insulator Products

As a leading plastic Die cutting supplier to the electrical insulation market, Jaco’s staff is unparalleled in their knowledge of insulator materials, the plastic stamping process and electrical insulator design. From the most intricate parts to the tightest tolerances and specifications, we can provide the right assistance for a successful die-cut project.

Specialty Die Cut Gaskets and Seals

At Jaco, we are able to manufacture any specialty die-cut plastic or non-metallic gasket or seal that you require.

Non-metallic gaskets are a core focus of Jaco’s services. Through our large inventory of stock materials, we are positioning ourselves as a leading gasket manufacturer offering shorter lead-times and outstanding service. Whether you need a silicone gasket or any other type of non-metallic, laminate or plastic gasket, consider Jaco as your gasket manufacturer. Our goal is to provide you with quality parts at competitive prices.

Steel Rule Dies

From your electronic data, we can quickly deliver a cost-effective steel rule die for your stamping project. Our extensive knowledge of steel rule dies allows us to develop the right die for the volume and tolerances required by the product. When invited to participate in your plastic die cutting project, from the start, our technical staff can assist with material recommendations, steel rule die design and prototype production.

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Custom Machining that Exceeds Expectations

Here at Jaco Products, we put an emphasis on quality, experience and dedication at each phase of the plastic machining process. With our advanced machinery and award-winning quality inspections, we can ensure you receive the best products possible every time. Additionally, our eye for the smaller details ensures quicker turnaround and prompt delivery for all custom machining projects.

Jaco also commits to only machining plastics with the highest performance standards. Furthermore, we use the most advanced machining equipment available as well as modern manufacturing techniques for superior efficiency and precision. Our software can perform comprehensive inspections quickly and provide complete reports. As a result, you can trace all materials involved in the process.

Jaco’s machine shop has the versatility necessary for making a myriad of different plastic parts. Our team of industry experts can assist you at each stage of the design and manufacturing process, so you have the support you need from beginning to end. Jaco’s central goal is to streamline custom plastic machining to help save you time and money without sacrificing quality.

Our Plastic Manufacturing Services

In addition to our custom die cut products, Jaco Products has many other precision plastic machining services for the creation of products in various applications:

CNC Machining

We have an advanced manufacturing facility capable of maintaining the utmost precision for all CNC machining projects. Our facility houses current 5-axis CNC machining equipment, so we can offer the highest possible quality for prototypes and production runs of varying volumes. Jaco has immense experience with thermoset materials and thermoplastics, so we can customize the process for even the most unique application requirements. Additionally, we can offer competitive pricing to ensure we fit within your budget.

Flexibility and versatility are two central advantages of working with Jaco Products. As a result, we can work with a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, marine and chemical, as well as the military.

Injection Molding

Jaco’s invaluable knowledge and expertise in all areas of the plastic injection molding process allows us to assist with many tasks throughout the design and manufacturing process. We have the resources and skills to help with design, prototyping, material acquisition and more! However, if you are uncertain of which materials work best for your application, we can provide professional guidance and material recommendations. As a result, you will always receive the best product for the job. Additionally, we can customize our process for more unique components with specific performance requirements.


Jaco is also a top supplier of mold and platen insulation. With Jaco insulation products, you can effectively improve your processing variables while lowering overall energy consumption. Here are some of the insulation products we offer:

  • Mold Insulation
  • Platen Insulation
  • Thermal Insulation Board
  • And More!

Furthermore, our mold and platen insulation offers many benefits and advantages: low thermal conductivity, compression strengths, thickness tolerances and processing temperatures as well as competitive pricing! Additionally, you can choose from 17 different materials to fulfill the requirements of different applications.

Why Choose Jaco? | Custom Die Cut Products

Choosing Jaco as your plastic products manufacturing yields a variety of advantages you won’t find with our companies:

  • Jaco’s quality control processes meet and exceed industry standards
  • We can assist you at all stages of development from prototyping to final production.
  • We utilize advanced CNC machining equipment for precision manufacturing of high-quality products with quicker turnaround.
  • Jaco’s vendor managed inventory systems help support your process.
  • We form long-term professional relationships with our customers to protect from market volatility.
  • We can provide custom packaging to fulfill your delivery requirements at request.

With Jaco’s versatility and access to high-quality plastic resources, we are the most capable plastic machining company in the industry. We can successfully fulfill the requirements of even the toughest custom plastic machining challenges, so you always get the products you need with quality that exceeds your expectations.