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We injection mold parts that others ‘No Quote.’ High-tolerance, complex, engineered materials.

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Jaco Achieves a ±0.0002″ Tolerance on a Plastic Part Tight Tolerance Machining & Plastic Injection Molding Service

Jaco is the expert in plastic stamping, plastic CNC machining, die-cutting and plastic injection molding. Ohio’s go-to leader in plastic companies in Ohio providing machining and injection molding service for tight-tolerance, complex parts at a lower price.

Here’s just one example of how we helped one customer who received a no quote before coming to Jaco: The customer approached Jaco for our plastic injection molding service to produce an FR4 carrier tray with machined slots, with a tolerance of ±0.0002″. The tray was required to securely hold plugs that were to be engraved. The injection molded PPS plugs also had to maintain a ±0.0002″ tolerance.

With years of technical expertise across all areas of plastic fabricating from plastics injection molding services to CNC machining and plastics stamping, our staff was able to create the FR4 carrier tray – achieving precision ±0.0002″ tolerance.

Jaco invests in the latest equipment and technology providing advanced plastics manufacturing techniques to achieve extraordinary tolerances for complex parts at a total lower price. When the job is too complex for other plastics companies, you can be sure to find the solution at Jaco Products – plastic injection molding Ohio.

Contact Jaco’s technical staff today to find out how they can help you with your next plastics fabrication project.

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