Machined vs. Plastic Injection Moldings

We injection mold, CNC machine, and stamp simple to complex plastic parts.

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plastic injection moldings

Jaco was required to select whether plastic machined or plastic injection moldings would be the best option to produce 8,700 pieces of an Ultem carrier button.

Required Injection molded product specifications

Jaco’s customer needed to produce 8,700 pieces of a carrier button manufactured from Ultem. Although Jaco’s customer viewed injection molded products as the best alternative for producing the Ultem button, the customer assumed that the tooling cost would be cost-prohibitive. Jaco was requested to identify the best process for this application, plastic machined or plastic injection moldings.

Case Studies


  • No tooling cost
  • Quick turnaround using Ultem sheet stock

Plastic Injection Molding

  • Mold insert included in selling price