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Jaco PPS Injection Molding – Known for Molding the Impossible

The technical staff at Jaco Products, plastic injection molders of PPS, loves a good challenge and this project was no exception. The PPS 40% glass-filled part is used as a shaft for tachometers and end coders. The part required a ± 0.0002″ tolerance, not only on the id and od through the length of the part, but also on the spacing of the fingers and flange. When injection molding the fingers, they would move out of alignment when cooled- presenting quite the challenge for any skilled plastic injection molders.

With Jaco’s depth of experience across many plastics disciplines including injection molding, machining, and plastic stamping, we developed a multi-process solution to mold the part to near net shape using the CNC machine to the ± 0.0002″ tolerance. Using innovative plastic injection molds and a proprietary fixturing design, the exact required space tolerance of ± 0.0002″ on the fingers was achieved.

If you have an injection-molded part that has not been quoted or priced outside your project budget, talk to Jaco Products. Our extensive experience in both plastics machining and plastic injection molds allow us to take a fresh perspective on your part and add innovative ideas to get the part produced within your budget.

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