Polyester Laminates

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polyester laminates

Machined Polyester Laminates

GPO-1 Polyester Laminate

GPO-1 is a general-purpose fiberglass-reinforced laminate. It is easily fabricated and cost-effective. GPO-1 is a good choice for dry-type transformers, motors, and various other applications.

GPO-2 Polyester Laminate

GPO-2 is a flame-resistant fiberglass-reinforced laminate that exhibits high strength. It is easily fabricated and cost-effective. GPO-2 is a good choice for use with terminal boards, control panels.

GPO-3 Polyester Laminate

GPO-3 is a mineral filled, continuous fiberglass-reinforced thermoset unsaturated polyester material. Its high strength, flame resistance, and low smoke generation makes GPO-3 the industry standard for flame and arc resistant electrical insulation, and it is used frequently in the transportation industry – where smoke generation and toxicity are a prime concern. GPO-3 is a good choice for use in switch gears and control panels.


SG-200 is a high temperature and strength laminate. It is suitable for use in a wide range of applications that require advanced thermal endurance. SG-200 carries a U.L. thermal recognition with a temperature index of 210 degrees Celsius. SG-200 is frequently used in power supplies and dry-type transformers.


HST-II is the benchmark in the industry for high-temperature polyester laminates. It exhibits outstanding retention of electrical and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. HST-II carries a U.L. thermal recognition of 220 degrees Celsius for electrical applications and 210 degrees Celsius for mechanical applications. Use of HST-II is common where materials with high thermal capabilities are required such as high-voltage transformers and D.C. motors.

Micarta® Industrial Laminates

Micarta® Industrial Laminates are high-pressure laminates that include canvas (C), canvas electrical (CE), linen (L), linen electrical (LE), epoxy glass FR-4 and G-10. It is available in rods, sheets and tubes.

Paper Based Laminates

Paper Based Laminates vary from two-ply paper-thin films to thick boards. Mechanical and Electrical grade Paper Based Laminates are used in a wide range of applications in many industries. They are good electrical insulators. Paper Based Laminates have high mechanical strength, low water absorption and are resistant to acids and alkalis.

Cotton Fabric Based Laminates

Cotton Fabric Based Laminates are useful in applications requiring mechanical strength or wear resistance and are available in a variety of grades. Fine weave grades provide good electrical and mechanical qualities; machines well, and are suitable for intricate components. Medium weave grades provide an improved wear resistance when intricate machining and surface finish are not essential, such as in low voltage electrical applications. Medium weave/canvas grades mixed with phenolic resins provide low moisture absorption, good wear resistance and mechanical strength and are economical. Cotton fabric based laminates are useful for structural supports, bearing surfaces, piston rings and gears.

Glass Fabric Based Laminates

Glass fabric grades provide high mechanical strength, good electrical performance and are useful where the wear resistance is not needed. Glass Fabric Based Laminates offer good resistance to boiling water and provide a higher maximum operating temperature and oxygen index than polyester laminates. Applications for Glass Fabric Based Laminates include acid and alkali resistant linings, storage tanks and fume stacks. Glass fabric grades have high mechanical strength, advanced electrical properties and perform well at high temperatures.

Stand-off Insulators

Stand-off Insulators are used for grounding bars, panel boards, ground kits, bus connectors, busbar insulators, switchboards and buss bar applications. All components are available with a variety of standard threaded insert sizes including metric threads. Composite insulators are an improvement over porcelain insulators because they provide impact resistance.