What Is Grade CE Phenolic Sheet and Where Is It Used?

Grade CE phenolic sheet, per its name, is a phenolic used in dozens of applications. Phenolics are thermoset resins that are compounds. Chemically, phenolics are formed when one or more hydroxyl groups bonds with an aromatic hydrocarbon group. Essentially, once this reaction happens, phenolics can be used with cotton canvas, linen, paper, or glass cloths to form industrial laminates.

Grade CE phenolic sheet consists of a cotton canvas fabric that is electrically insulated with the phenolic resin. Phenolic grade CE is popular because it’s resistant, strong, and easy to work with. That makes this phenolic sheet popular among machining industries and applications.

CE Phenolic Sheet | Benefits Across Industries

Whether you work regularly with CE phenolic sheet, or you’re just now looking to utilize this material, there are many benefits to working with phenolic grade CE. For one, it is easy to machine, and it costs less when compared to other sheet options.

As mentioned, Grade CE phenolic sheet is made from phenolic resin and cotton fabrics, which is an ideal mixture due to its low moisture absorption. This combination is also resistant to wear and tear and it has good mechanical strength. It’s sturdy canvas base makes CE canvas phenolic tougher than paper-based phenolics. It’s not nearly as abrasive as fiberglass alternatives, and it can even be used in explosion-proof environments, while other phenolics cannot due to safety concerns.

The CE phenolic sheet is ideal for mechanical applications thanks to its impact strength and moisture resistance, but it’s not recommended for electrical insulation. Don’t let this mislead you, though. Phenolic grade CE is great across machining applications because it’s stiff, resistant, and lasts long.

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Phenolic Grade CE Applications

Where can you find a CE phenolic sheet being used? Oftentimes, this canvas phenolic is used for insulation in electromechanical devices. It’s also used for rollers, jigs, fixtures, and gears. This cotton canvas sheet is a bit coarse, which means it’s often used for parts without small, machined features.

CE phenolic sheet is also used in piston rings, washers, bushings, and pulleys. If you can think of any mechanical application that requires high strength, low moisture absorption, and great stability, it’s possible that phenolic grade CE is being used. In fact, this material is even used in certain table tops.

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