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cnc machine plastic

CNC machine plastic offers a wide variety of uses and physical properties, especially when you need a consistently durable, high quality product. Done right, plastic machining is very cost-effective in the prototyping and production stages.

The experienced CNC machining plastic technicians at Jaco know how to capitalize on the structure, strength, and thermal sensitivity of plastics. Always producing a precision part that adheres to the highest quality standards and tolerances. Whether for prototyping or production, plastic machining from Jaco provides limitless possibilities.

Our machinists and engineers have the knowledge and experience to manipulate the physical properties of plastics to exploit all possible advantages.

CNC Plastic Machining

At Jaco, we take pride in our more than 56 years of experience. We focus on attention to detail and dedication to our craft.

Jaco stocks only the finest high-speed precision cutting tools to ensure optimal production efficiency and quality each and every time. We guarantee the cutting speed and quality will meet – actually exceed – even the highest of standards.

Our guarantee also includes rapid prototyping for a variety of processes, from 3-D printing to SLA and FSA.

cnc machine plastic

CNC Plastic Turning and Milling

Jaco combines tried-and-true precision machining methods with the use of cutting edge materials. Our plastic turning offers limitless possibilities. CNC machine plastic turning is able to hold tighter tolerances with standard and exotic plastic composites. This might be the best choice for your product.

As for CNC plastic milling, it allows for:

  • High-speed mass production of top-quality parts
  • Multiple offset setups
  • High-capacity turret- or belt-fed tool changing
  • Automated clamping, indexing, and stock loading and unloading
  • Whether for prototyping or full-scale production, Jaco’s expert machinists use a wide range of plastic stock to deliver consistent quality.

CNC milling allows for simple and precise compensation for tool wear and thermal expansion or contraction of any material, including plastics, which in many cases are highly sensitive to changes in temperature.

Want to know more about CNC machine plastic and how it can help you get the best possible product? Give us a call! 440-632-7096 • fax 440.632.0012 e-mail: [email protected]

CNC Machining Plastics to Your Specifications

Here at Jaco, our advanced plastic manufacturing center utilizes 5-Axis CNC machining, so we can create precise prototypes and components with ease. We offer these services at competitive prices regardless of project volume. Additionally, our expertise with thermoplastic and thermoset materials gives us the tools to customize components to your specific applications requirements.

Jaco offers the ability to create the project you have in mind, even if it is out of the ordinary. Our machining department is equipped with a variety of abilities, including CAM programming, CAD design, and 3D programming. We equip our CNC machines with milling heads, live tooling and sub spindles to process a wide variety of components. As a result, we can complete more components with better efficiency than the traditional methods many CNC machining plastic companies use.

Jaco can process nearly any type of plastic including:

  • PEEK
  • UHMW
  • CPVC
  • PVC
  • Polycarbonate
  • Kynar
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • Acetyl polypropylene

Our experience producing quality components allows us to service a variety of industries. Whether it’s automotive, marine, aerospace, military or chemical industries, we can help you create machined parts for you application.

We are also proud to say our service meets high industry standards with ISO and SAE compliance. There are many benefits to working with Jaco when it comes to CNC machining plastic:

  • In-stock materials
  • Products from a variety of plastics
  • Computerized machinery
  • Products annealed for maximum strength
  • CNC and Conventional machining facilities
  • Customized parts created from samples, sketches, or prints
  • Thorough post-machining inspections
  • Precision components made to your specifications

Jaco Plastic Fabrication Services

In addition to CNC machining plastic, Jaco Products offers a variety of other plastic fabrication services:

Plastic Injection Molding

Jaco offers unparalleled experience in all injection molding methods. We will become involved in every stage of your project to assist with material procurement, prototyping, design and more! If you’re unsure of what materials to use for your product, we can help you select the best material for your product’s application. We offer a more customized approach to plastic injection molding, so we can create more precise components for your needs

Mold & Platen Insulation

Jaco mold and platen insulation is an effective method for improving processing variables while reducing energy consumption. We offer high-quality press platen insulation, thermal insulation board and mold insulation. These products also offer the advantages of low thermal conductivity, thickness tolerance, compression strength, processing temperatures and cost. Additionally, we offer our mold and platen insulation in 17 different materials!

Stamping & Die Cutting

Jaco also offers the ability to custom engineer die-cut plastics for improved performance. Our steel rule die stamping can reach a maximum capacity of 25 tons. Furthermore, our precision die cutting requires reduced initial tooling charge in comparison to standard stamping.

Why Choose Jaco Over Other Plastic Manufacturing Companies?

As a top plastic fabrication company, we offer a variety of unique advantages:

  • Advanced quality control processes that meet and exceed industry standards
  • Assistance with product development from prototyping to the final stages of manufacturing.
  • Precision CNC manufacturing equipment for creating high-quality products at a cost-effective rate.
  • Vendor managed inventory systems for supporting your process.
  • Long-term professional relationships.
  • Custom packaging options to fulfill your unique requirements.
  • Complete dedication to customer satisfaction for every project.

As a leader in the plastic manufacturing industry, Jaco Products offers a wider variety of services and higher quality materials. We are more than capable of completing even the most challenging projects with strict application requirements. Furthermore, with our innovative, multifaceted approach to plastic manufacturing, we can create unique solutions for virtually any project regardless of application. You can depend on Jaco to you the components you need at a quality that exceeds you initial expectations.