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A Comparison - Machinined vs. Plastic Injection Moldings
Plastic Injection Molded Products from Jaco Products

Jaco was required to select whether plastic machined or plastic injection moldings would be the best option for produce 8,700 pieces of an Ultem carrier button.

Required Injection molded product specifications:

  • Material specified as Ultem
  • Achieve the lowest piece part price

Jaco's customer needed to produce 8,700 pieces of a carrier button manufactured from Ultem. Although Jaco's customer viewed injection molded products as the best alternative for producing the Ultem button, the customer assumed that the tooling cost would be cost prohibitive. Jaco was requested to identify the best process for this application, plastic machinined or plastic injection moldings.


Jaco's solution was to machine 100 prototypes, which allowed Jaco to work out the fastest feeds and speed to machine the Ultem design. Ten different operations were required including sawing, vertical and horizontal milling, drilling and counterboring. The Outcome of Machining:

  • Quick turnaround using Ultem sheet stock
  • No tooling cost
  • Price $5.50 each

Plastic Injection Molding

To achieve the lowest tooling cost, Jaco presented an insert concept. The customer was charged for a core and cavity, which mounted into a Jaco quick change MUD frame. The price for the 8,700 injection molded products was $1.50 each, which included the mold insert amortized into the selling price – a savings of $4.00 per piece over machining. Conventional machining is a good choice for plastics, but injection molding was the best and lowest cost solution for this project. The Outcome of Injection Molding:

  • Mold insert included in selling price
  • Price: $1.50 each

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