Machined Nylon Plastic Part - machining NYLON MC901
Precision CNC Machining Nylon MC901

Jaco Delivers a Lower Cost, Superior CNC Machined Nylon Part

The customer was looking to lower their cost on this machined nylon part. Their current supplier was challenged by the interconnecting internal passages that required an internal tolerance of ±0.001". Machined from MC901 nylon , the part is used in water purification equipment and the tolerance of the interconnecting internal passages is critical to the performance of the product.

Jaco was successful at both lowering the part cost and achieving the required tolerances consistently part to part.

Jaco's expertise in the machining of complex plastic parts is unparalleled in the industry. Jaco does not machine metal or alloys but focuses strictly on thermoplastics, thermosets and engineered resins, a focus and level of experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Give Jaco the opportunity to review your machined plastic
part. Rest assured their knowledgeable staff will find a way
to lower the cost using advanced CNC machining
techniques and also increase part consistency and quality.