Machined Nylon - Large Part CNC Machining of Plastics
Large Part CNC Machining of Plastics machined nylon

Jaco Lowered the Part Price on a Large Machined Nylon Part

Jaco's expertise in plastic fabrication allows Jaco to offer competitive pricing on CNC machined nylon large parts. This part is 2.5" x 48" oil impregnated nylon, FDA approved. It is used as a guide actuator. Jaco's CNC router can produce plastic components up to 120" long x 60" wide and 24" high.

Jaco's depth of experience in machining nylon allows for the best possible manufacturing methods to produce high quality complex parts at a lower price. Parts that may have required many set-ups in the past can now be machined in one or two set-ups with multi-axis high-speed machining and long-reach tooling.

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