CNC Machined Delrin LED Light Ring
Machine Shop for Delrin Machining

Jaco Lowers the Part Cost on a CNC Machined Delrin LED Light Ring

This was a mature delrin product that the customer bought to Jaco to see if we could lower the part price by utilizing our advanced delrin machining expertise. The part required a ± 0.001" close tolerance on id, od and between the holes. The previous plastics machine shop that produced the part had a difficult time achieving these tolerances with machined delrin.

The part is used in high-end inspection equipment featuring a camera taking high-speed photography for quality control. The exact hole positioning and size tolerances was critical to the performance of the inspection equipment.

Applying 5-axis CNC machining and advanced manufacturing technology, Jaco reduced the plastic part cost and could hold tolerances that previous machine shops couldn't.

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