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Jaco is an Ohio plastic machining company that understands the job. We can provide you with the parts you need for the best price and in the quickest amount of time. We understand the plastic machining process is different than metal machining. We consider the work we do an art. We work with a variety of different materials and use state-of-the-art equipment to design and manufacture the best possible product to meet your needs. NIST Maufacturing Portal

Jaco Beats the Competition

Staying ahead of the competition means using the latest in technology and materials for each industry we serve. Jaco works with our customers from the prototype stage through production so we can provide you the best product and ensure you are happy with the quality of what you get.

As your plastic machining company, we utilize the latest CNC equipment along with conventional machines to provide the parts you need. We offer machining processes that allow us the capability to machine virtually any component you require. Whether you are developing a new project, creating a re-design, or you need an existing part better made, faster, or more affordably, allow Jaco to help you with any Plastic Machining Services you may need.

Reliable Plastic Machining

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Would you like to learn more about how a plastic machining company can truly meet your needs? Contact Jaco today. Give us a call 440.632.5800 • fax 440.632.0012 e-mail: [email protected].