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Plastic CNC Machining

Plastic CNC Machining

Jaco offers plastic CNC machining services that meet any requirement. We use only the finest materials and state-of-the-art equipment including CNC routers and mills and lathes.

We believe machining plastics to be an art form. The materials we work with range from soft to brittle to abrasive, so what we do depends on the purpose of the part. For us to create a quality product, attention must be paid to the particular characteristics of each material. Holding and cutting tools must be highly specialized with plastics, so often, the method used for machining metals does not work for when it comes to plastic CNC machining. We understand the importance of knowing the variations in our industry, which is why Jaco consistently produces the best products.NIST Maufacturing Portal

How Do You Select a Plastic Machining Shop?

You need to choose a plastic machining shop with plenty of experience machining plastics. Many machine shops claim they can machine plastics, but the best results are achieved by selecting a shop with extensive experience in actually working with the materials. Jaco is a leader in the plastic CNC machining industry and can help you meet your needs.

Why Jaco is the Best in Plastic Machining

For more than 60 years Jaco has been ahead of the competition as a leading Plastic Machining Company in the Cleveland area. We keep up with the latest in technology developments and use the best quality materials. We work with clients from the time they develop their prototype right through until the end of production when products are sent to market. Whether you are designing a completely new project, redesigning something to make it better than ever or meet new industry standards, or you are not getting the performance from your current machining supplier, we can help.

Jaco's extensive manufacturing experience and long term business relationships with industry leading suppliers and surface treating companies puts us at the top of the list when it comes to CNC machining. You can be sure Jaco will provide a complete service from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more 440.632.5800 • fax 440.632.0012 e-mail: [email protected]