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Mold Perimieter Insulation - Perimeter Thermal Barrier Insulation

Let Jaco Products custom cut and fabricate your perimeter insulation to size. Jaco is the premier supplier of high performance press platen insulation and materials including Glastherm® HT, Micarta®-Silicone, SG-200 Polyester andPyropel® MD-18. We can recommend the materials and help you compare the choices between low thermal conductivity, cost, thickness tolerance and compression strength based on your desired processing temperature.

Improve your processing variables and reduce your energy consumption by controlling the transfer of heat to the production press with high performance thermal perimeter insulation.

When you choose Jaco you have choices in thermal insulating materials.

17 Insulation Material Choices

Mold Base & Platen Thermal Barrier Insulation

Glastherm® S Transite® HT
Glastherm® HT Isomag® 175
Glastherm® HT220 Micarta®- Silicone
Glastherm® HT250 Micarta®- Epoxy
Thermalate® H320 Cogetherm® M
Thermalate® H330 Cogetherm® P
Marinite® P Zircar® RS-100
Brandenburger® S-4000 Pyropel® MD-60

Perimeter Thermal Barrier Insulation

Glastherm® HT Micarta®- Silicone
SG-200 Polyester Pyropel® MD-18

When you choose Jaco, you can expect the best in thermal insulation materials for your thermoset and rubber molding press / platen insulation.

Thermal Mold Perimeter Insulation Reduces Energy Consumption
& Improves Processing Variables

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Glastherm, Pyropel, Thermalate Thermal Insulation